‘It’s a binding of one heart with the other’ The moment you decide to become you plus one, you open the door to a world of a union. Families & friends come together to celebrate the union and this calls for a lock of memories, both happy & sad.

There are beats of happiness and tunes of union at every step of the way.

The grandeur of an Indian wedding is profound and our wedding photographers set the seal on your wedding, at every ritual & every little emotion. Happening Pixels has been in the industry of wedding photography since the brand came to inception. We have a proficient team of wedding photographers who dive deep into the depth of capturing emotions in your wedding. Candid or prepared, we have one of the best professional wedding photographers in Bangalore/Bengaluru.

The best photographers in Bangalore

Not just in Bengaluru, we cater our wedding photography services across the country. At Happening Pixels, we offer a wide range of wedding photography packages to suit your convenience & budget. Pick your wedding package and we will take care of the rest!
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